Barely imaginable Beings

The researches and performances are organized in collaboration with the Barely imaginable Beings - further BiBs. BiBs are an “undisciplined open collective” founded in Brussels, 2018. It is a meeting place for artistic practices that questions the confines of traditional techniques or technologies. BiBs expose through live- and digital performances, and through workshops that focus on cross-medial and technology-enhanced compositions. In the past BiBs have been Quentin Meurisse (programmer and experimental composer) and Klaas Devos, experimental composers (Maarten Buyl, Nina Fukuoka), contemporary ensembles (Ensemble Fractals, G.A.M.E.), and electronic installation artists (Thea Soti, Gertan Biasino).

Barely imaginable Beings expose through live- and digital performances and workshops that focus on shared composition and the poetry in misunderstanding during co-creations. The first performance "A solo for nervous system" is an ongoing research-performance investigating algorithmic in-ear score for somatic dance. In 2019-'20 BiBs are setting-up a new research in residencies for “Not Made To Worry" this research is constructing an improvisation machine that connects drawing, dance, and electronic music in one generative technological composition machine.