Walk + Talk (2015)

I will put a timer and give myself 4 minutes for every task.
When I finish earlier I move on to the next task.

Task 1
Start Klaas

Sometimes I find it challenging to answer when someone calls my name. When someone asks ‘who are you?’ It is like asking a place where it is. Or if the time is right. It’s [tell timing].

Pronouncing your being in one or two words: The first word manifests choice. The second is solid. Where do you put the emphasis? How does the first resonate in the second?

I sometimes have problems remembering names. This disorder is named 'anomic aphasia.' Like a verbal disorientation. It's all a matter of localization. Once you found the words, be hospitable: Feet in the ground, head in the clouds.

Task 2

I propose a short practice I use in workshops. Participants are asked to step aside the space and project their movements or dance into space. Later, they can play and interact with these projections. Like creating a solo-group dance, or (g)host-dancing.

In thought, duplicate your body and make it dance. If the timer goes you imaginatively absorb all what you have made.

Task 3
Start Klaas

When people ask me what dances I make… I answer them I make experimental dance-drama. Tell them I tell stories in a more conceptual style.

I have developed my work and myself through conservatory, post-grad. and university. Though it seems that the insights I get are deepening the abyss that echo my questions.

Writing on paper, on my body, through the body in movement and space. As such the tempo of my understanding connects to the rhythm of my movements. Aligning the body between the lines of its existence.

A performative state rooted in integrity. Not intimidated by intimacy. I dare to let people watch me thinking. Watching like an animal. Like domesticated animals recalling their natural states.