Klaas Devos focuses on social aesthetic research, situated on cracks between the experience and the understanding of movement and dance. In the workshops we figure out what we share in movement and through dance, opening up the possibility to exchange embodied practices and learn methods for instant composition.

Through dancing, participants will exchange their understanding and misunderstanding of movement, dance, and proposed scores for group. The goal of the workshop is to expand awareness and experiment on shared embodiment and group thinking through dancing in relation to different media such as music, drawings, and electronics.
The workshop unfolds in two levels: a soft morning practice through a series of somatic exercises; and an afternoon session on group improvisations and instant composition exercises, the day finishes with a short group reflection on the material. The technics that are exchanged stem from Devos’ researches on contemporary dance, movement and sound resonance, the human nervous system, and aerodynamics.

WHEN: JULY 25-26-27, 2019. (11h00 – 16h30)
WHERE: Studio EDC, Leffingestraat 40, Oostende (close to station)
LEVEL: This workshop is open for all, no need for previous experiences. Important is an open mind and curiosity for individual and group improvisation through movement and dance. There are no age, professional or medial restrictions; the focus is on collectivity through diversity.
LANGUAGE: English and Dutch (depends on the group)
COSTS: 60€/ 3days (€25/ day)

Klaas freek Devos (Brugge, 1985°) studied contemporary dance and choreography at the Royal Conservatory, Antwerp. After graduating Devos engaged in a master scholarship in arts and philosophy at the UAntwerp. Devos engaged his aesthetic practice as part of the first generation researchers at the School for Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies (Apass), in Brussels. This aesthetic and reflective research got further established through practicing at a program facilitated by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker at the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.), Brussels. Klaas Devos creates performances with his open collective Barely imaginable Beings exploring the exchange of embodied knowledge and the intimate poetry of these (mis)understandings. The performances unfold in dialogue with contemporary music, digital arts, and visual arts. His choreographic practice gets extended through teaching and in performative lectures, workshops and research. These have been realized in collaboration with dance organizations (EDC, TDF), art education (MUDA, Conservatoria), higher education (KASK), and mentoring research (Apass). Masterclasses found their way to international festival (Aperto, Como, Camping CNDC, Paris, TDP dance, Cork, Ibsen Laboratoria, Habana).