Curriculum //

Klaas freek Devos
October 14, 1985 – Belgium
+32 475.222.839

Aesthetic & Academic Studies
2018 - 2015 // University of Antwerp; Fac. Language & Philosophy
Master, Science of Film and Theatre (free scholar, artistic statute)
Thesis: Dance Practice Studies. A research on the epistemology of modern dance practices. Promotor: Prof. Dr. Timmy De Laet.
2017 – 2015 // Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.)
Research Studios #2. Choreography, performance, music, sound.
Research-project: Intermedial Flirtations. Doing nothing, waiting and flirting in dance and choreography. Mentor: Bojana Cvejic
2012 – 2009 // University of Antwerp; Fac. Language & Philosophy
Bachelor, Science of Film, Theatre and Literature
2008 – 2007 // Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies (Apass)
Advanced performance training (Apt)
Research-project: Experimental Phenomenology. Sensory deprivation & editing sensations. Mentor: Elke van Campenhout
2007 – 2002 // Royal Conservatory Antwerp, Higher Insitute for Dance
Bachelor Contemporary- and Classical dance studies, minor in Choreography. Internship: Constanza Macras, Dorky Park
2002 – 1999 // Fine Arts Academy, Brugge
Performing Arts

Mentoring and (Master)classes
Aesthetic and theoretical Mentors //
Badco., Bojana Cvejic, Kattrin Deufert & Thomas Plischke, Andrea Kleine, Lilia Mestre, Alain Platel, Yvonne Rainer, Marc Vanrunxt, Elke Van Campenhout
Contemporary & modern dance practices //
Nordine Bendorff, Kattrin Deufert & Thomas Plischke, Natalie Gordon, Thomas Hauert, David Hernandez, Martin Kilvady, Constanza Macras, Martin Spangberg, Pière Riera, Eszter Salamon, Marc Vanrunxt, Jan Zobel
Improvisation & somatic practices //
Florence Augendre, Maria Decorte, Vera Mantero, Piere Rubio, Min Tanaka, Tamara Milla Vigo
Philosophy, performance theory and dance studies //
Bojana Cvejic, Diedrich Diederichsen, Tom Engels, Dora Garcia, Christian Grüny, François Julien, Rudi Laermans, André Lepecki, Pascal Michon, Berno Odo Polzer, Martin Spangberg, Peter Stamer, Min Tanaka, Elke van Campenhout
Music & Sound Studies //
Maarten Buyl, Matteo Fargion, Alain Franco, Tom Pauwels, Stefan Prins, Michael Schmidt

Solo for nervous system // 2018 // Dance performance (collab. Barely imaginable Beings)
ALMOSTEVERYTHINGHAPPENSTWICE // 2017 // Choreography (collab. composer N. Fukuoka) (prod. Ibsen Laboratoria, Havana)
Beer // 2017 // Choreography and tekst (collab. T. Ameel for BRUTAAL, supp. KAAP)
ALMOSTEVERYTHINGHAPPENS // 2016 // Choreography (collab. composer N. Fukuoka & Ensemble Fractales)
The Windwalker Serie // 2015-2016 // Video (prod. Tipperary Dance Platform)
Le Soldat après Stravinsky // 2016 // Multi-media (collab. composer G. François & clarinetist B. Maneyrol)
Muovirumori // 2015 // Dance (prod. Fondazione Antoio Ratti, Como)
Barely Imaginable Being // 2015 // In situ Performance & Video (supp. D.V.G., Gent and TAKT, Dommelhof)
And There Shall be … // 2013 // Choreography, Dance (supp. D.V.G., Gent)

Research in/through Dance and Performance
Through Practices // 2018-2019 // in collab. with Heike Langsdorf, Anouk Laurens, and Alex Arteaga (supp. KASK, Gent)
Performative Lecture, "Queer phenomenologies" // 2018 // (supp. ‘How do we do it?’ KASK, Gent)
Extended Resonances // 2016-2017 // in collab. with Carlo Siega and Carlo Prampolini // (supp. Kunstencentrum Vooruit and Gent Advanced Music Ensemble)
Rhetoric of Flirtation in Performance // 2016 // (supp. PARTS)
Sounds: Like 90 Problems // 2015 // (supp. PARTS)
Enchanting Scores // 2013 // initiated by J. Bruneau (supp. Bains Connective)
Experimental Anatomy (Part I & II) // 2012-2013 // initiated by Ula Sickle (supp. Brigittinne)
Sensory D. // 2009 // Experiment on video (installation) (supp. Apass and PAF, Reims)
Edit Sensations // 2009 // Dance (supp. Apass, Bains Connective, BUDA, Kortrijk)

Franken vs Franken by Patrik Keleman // 2016 // Dancer
Breathcore by Michael Schmid (Ictus) // 2016 // Performer
Ieper 1915 by Quan Bui Gnoe (Ballets CdelaB) // 2015 // Assistant choreography
Nr. 10: B & C by Gertjan Biasino // 2012 // Performer in site-specific media-performance
Interface Fictions by Lilia Mestre // 2009 // In-situ performance
Octopus by Francisco Pedro // 2007 // Dancer
Deep Surface Florence Auguendre // 2005 // Dancer
Performance Hotel by David Hernandez // 2004 // Dancer in site-specific choreography
Electric Counterpoint by Filip Van Huffel // 2004 // Dancer
Prototype by Marc Vanrunxt // 2003 // Dancer

Silent Walking by Liesbet Hermans // 2019-2020 // interactive performance (support. Dommelhof, Vooruit Arts Center)
Don't miss myself anymore by Thea Soti // 2019 // performance installation (support. Iportunus European Arts Exchange program)
Half-Way Days - Shared Activity by Juan Duque // 2017-2018 // Performance (supp. Apass, Center for Contemporary Art Ujadowski, Warsaw)
Valies by Naomi Kerkhove // 2012 // Multimedia performance (prod. WP Zimmer)
Het Raam by SKaGen / Dir. J. Scheepers // 2011 // Site-specific film (prod. SkaGeN)
Paradise Lost by lAmpekAp Collective // 2009 // Installation performance
De Perser by lAmpekAp Collective // 2008 // Installation performance

Mentoring & Workshops
Over the last decennia Klaas fD. has been sharing creative and academic research in dance and choreography, dance philosophy and performance theory in different formats. The personal mentorship, lectures or workshops for a group are organised in collaboration with international theaters and danc companies, private and state schools, higher education and university programs.

Assessor for the Belgian Jury on Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017.
Publication XXI CSAV - Artist Research Laboratory. Materials for Performance. Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Mousse Publishing, 2015.

Dance Footage
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