Sensory D. & ZWART (2008 - 2012)

Both of these were early inquiries of dance through experimental phenomenology. The first research is a 24h. sensory deprivation of myself and Joke Heylen, analyzed as a dance composition; the second inquiry is an aesthetic experiment on the sensual disappearance of the body in light and darkness. Both researches became video-installations, supported by a.pass, Brussels and Performing Arts Forum Reims.

Concept by Klaas freek Devos
Research and experimental performance by Klaas fD. and Joke Heylen

with the support of the Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies (a.pass) and Performing Arts Forum Reims (Pa-f)

The experimental live Performance premièred at Performing Arts Forum, St.-Erme (Fr.). The video installation premiered at the Theaterfestival Cement, Maastricht (Nl.).