Through our research and creation process, we are researching strategies and environments that support the cross-disciplinary practicing of dance arts and digital media arts. We propose to exchange our experiences in that regard with other artists, but also with peer dance and digital media practitioners.

The Open Doors will be a temporary environment where participants exchange knowledge by collective or simultaneous practicing of dance and digital arts. An to disclose the irregularities practitioners experience in the un/common ground between dance and digital media arts.

During these session we invite you to take part in or interrupt our research and creation process. You find more information on NS v.3 here.

>> Open Doors: April 23 till Friday April 24, 10h. till 18h. (program and footage)

>> Open Doors: June 15 till Friday June 17, 10h. till 16h. (see program)

Visits and HINDER takes place at the REACh. & Collabs Studio/Atelier
Rue Pasteur 42, 1070 Cureghem (Brussels).