Reaching 3.
Live-electronic dance scores.

The experiments made in R.E.A.CH. 2 help us to determine a series of cognitive variables in dance improvisation (e.g. reaction-time, memory, sensorial impact, motoric impulses, and interaction).

This index is a resource for further developing the “Nervous Systems” software (MAXmsp), a choreographic technology that can react to the dance improvisation by live-generating choreographic scores, mediated to the dancer in-ear or on monitors.

It allows, firstly, to experiment with the implicit knowledge production of dancers and gain control over principles of improvised composition. It expands our notion of dance cognition, creating a tool for the thinking body in dance improvisation. Secondary, it allows to reconsider the principles of somatic research themself: self-inwardness, solitary technics, soft and slow dynamics, and synthesis through storytelling.