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Nervous Systems

Somatic practices use improvisation to train sensitivity and reactivity of dancers. However, they often still miss the tools to grasp the fleeting nature of its knowledge production through visualization, improvisation, and verbal reflection. The foundation of the R.E.A.CH.-project, is a somatic practice developed by Klaas Devos and named “Nervous Systems.” In his artistic practice he experiments with the Body-Mind Centering© methodology - visualization, improvisation, experiential narration - by integrating notions of phenomenology and embodied cognition in the dance improvisation practice.

The R.E.A.CH.-project, further develops this by extending the improvisation system of that somatic practice with live-electronics and in a later stage AI.

In 2021, we focus on two experiments. These are two attempts to make the decision-making process (which are often tacit and implicit) in dance more concrete.

The introductory text "Dancing in spite of nervous systems" gives insight in the somatic dance practice Nervous Systems. It was published in 2020 as a contribution to Choreography as Conditioning 5. This text articulates notions of dancing as research by introducing the practice and by revisiting its sessions during the event … Through Practices.

Link: Dancing in spite of nervous systems.