R.E.A.Ch. #1

R.E.A.Ch. #1 is the first performance output since "Solo for nervous system" (2018) that integrates the findings of the continuing research practice "Nervous Systems." It results from collaborative research with Quentin Meurisse, Maarten Buyl, and Justine Debaene.

Where can we recognize glimpses of human sensitivity in our technological society? The project investigates this using different media that spiral around a language of sensations and experiences in movement and dance. It aims at expanding our notion of embodiment by constructing a technological system that informs improvising dancers and their spectators.

R.E.A.Ch. is thus an experiment on feeling, thinking, and knowing bodies on stage. A dancing that tests how our bodies react to the algorithms and the accelerationism that choreographs our daily activities. It proposes an alternative dance aesthetics as a symptom of our contemporary transhuman state.

Link: Dancing in spite of nervous systems.