The R.E.A.Ch. team are Klaas Devos (movement, dance/software), Maarten Buyl (sound, music/software), Quentin Meurisse (sound, music/software), and Justine Debaene (Graphic Design).

Maarten Buyl has collaborated on a regular basis with Devos since 2006. Buyl studied music theory, electronic music and music technology at the Conservatories of Brussels and Antwerp and was subsequently attached to the Vrije Universiteit and Royal Conservatory of Brussels as an artistic research assistant. He has been a sound engineer at Opera/Ballet Flanders since 2011 and is affiliated researcher with ChampdAction.

Quentin Meurisse has produced the software for the last two performances by Devos and has been his mentor in learning Pure Data and MAXmsp. Meurisse is teacher live-electronics and experimental composition at the School of Arts, Gent. He is pianist and experimental composer associated with Ictus Ensemble and Eramaa Trio.

Justine Debaene is a Brussels-based graphic designer graduating at ERG (Ecole r├ęcherche graphique). Through publications and installations, she researches how the representation of knowledge from movement and dance can be further developed.

The supervisors of this doctoral artistic research project in dance are Prof. Dr. Timmy De Laet (University of Antwerp, Antwerp Research in the Arts), Annouk Van Moorsel (Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, research group CORPoREAL), Martin Nachbar (Royal Conservatoire Antwerp).

The R.E.A.Ch.-network is a group of artists and theorists, advisors and collaborators, that actively support, engage with, and provide feedback on the research: Heike Langsdorf (KASK, Radical Hope), Prof. Dr. Alex Arteaga (UdKB), Pavl Heidler (IDOCDE), Jan Martens (GRIP), Marc Vanrunxt (Kunst/Werk).