R.E.A.Ch. & Collabs.

R.E.A.Ch. & Collabs. is an environment where artists meet to explore nervous systems, live-electronics, coding, somatic practice, and interdisciplinary improvisation.

The researches and performances are organized in collaboration with a group of independent artists, ensembles, and collectives. It is a meeting place for artistic practices that questions the confines of embodied techniques and technologies.

In collaboration and through workshops we focus on cross-medial and technology-enhanced improvisation and composition.

Over the years close artistic partnerships have grown with ao. Quentin Meurisse (live-electronics), experimental composers (Maarten Buyl, Nina Fukuoka), contemporary ensembles (Ensemble Fractals, G.A.M.E.), visual artists (Nina De Man), graphic design (Justine Debaene) and electronic installation artists (Thea Soti, Gertan Biasino).

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