Workshops and Masterclasses

Klaas freek Devos focuses on aesthetic group research that encircles the cracks between the experience and the understanding of what we share in and through dance. Through workshops and masterclasses he exchanges practices of embodied research and keeps alive the methods and questions he familiarized with in projects and workshops (by o.a. Yvonne Rainer, Min Tanaka, Martin Spangberg, Deufert & Plischke, …) and his theoretical studies (at P.A.R.T.S., Royal Conservatory Belgium, Apass, University of Antwerp).

I stimulate participants or students to take part and help shape a physical research. Passing on my understanding of dance history and -culture and my perspective on recent questions surfacing in the field of contemporary dance and choreography. The goal is to expand tacit knowledge and experiences experimental embodiment together. These practices unfold through a series of exercises I propose as a shared starting point to extend the consciousness of and through dance. The technics involved stem from my artistic and academic researches into flirtation, resonance, psychosomaticity and aerodynamics.

In the past I have been actively involved giving workshops for independent organizations (EDC, TDF), different schools (MUDA, Conservatoria Gent and Brugge) and higher education Institutes (KASK, Gent) and mentoring for postgrad. research (Apass, Brussels). Workshops and masterclasses have also found their place on international dancefestival (Aperto, Como (It.), Camping CNDC, Paris (Fr.), TDP dance, Cork (Ie.), Ibsen Laboratoria, Habana (Cu.)).

If interested in a workshop or masterclass you find curriculum and contact information via this link.