Workshops and Masterclasses

Klaas Devos focuses on social aesthetic researches that encircles the cracks between the experience and the understanding of what we share in and through movement. Through workshops and masterclasses he open up the possibility to exchange practices of embodied research and keeps alive the methods and questions ranging from our daily experiences to project-oriented research.

Participants shape a physical research together. Passing on understanding and misunderstandings of movement and the aesthetics of dance, adhering to the questions that surface. The goal is to expand awareness and experiment on embodiment. The practices unfold through a series of proposed exercises, a shared starting point to extend the consciousness of and through movement. The technics stem from my personal aesthetic and academic researches on flirtation, resonance, the nervous system and aerodynamics.

In the past I have been actively involved giving workshops for independent organizations (EDC, TDF), different schools (MUDA, Conservatoria Gent and Bruges), and higher education institutes (KASK, Gent), and mentoring for postgrad. research (Apass, Brussels).
Workshops and masterclasses have also found their place on international dancefestival (Aperto, Como (It.), Camping CNDC, Paris (Fr.), TDP dance, Cork (Ie.), Ibsen Laboratoria, Habana (Cu.)).