The Workshops on 'Nervous Systems', or 'Inter-/ New Media Dance & Choreography' have been organized in collaboration with independent organizations like E.D.C. Ostend or TDF Ghent and part-time arts schools such as DKO Conservatory Ghent and Bruges. Klaas is also active in higher education institutes such as KASK, Ghent and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.
** Find more information on the workshop 'Nervous Systems' here.
Lectures & Dance Lectures
Lectures or dance lectures give a general introduction to the principles of 'dance as research' and as experimental artistic practice by focusing on the process, questions , and practices of th PhD research 'Thinking Bodies in Dance: A Somatic R.E.A.Ch. (research in electronic and algorithmic choreography)'. In the past, these lectures have been hosted by KASK, Ghent and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. The (dance) lectures are often combined with a group practice or exploration.
** Find more information on previous lectures on research in dance here.
Coaching & Mentoring
Devos is active as an arts and theoretical coach for performance production. This happened in a solo-trajectory at MUDA, Ghent and as a one-on-one mentor coaching a postgraduate artistic research in Apass, Brussels.
Workshops & Masterclasses on festivals
Workshops and masterclasses are also a tools to give insight in our methodology, enriching performances on international dance festivals. Previously, we contributed and exchanged on Festival Aperto, Como (Italy), Camping CNDC, Paris (France), TDP dance, Cork (Ireland), Ibsen Laboratoria, Habana (Cuba).