REACh. Project

REACh. Project is an environment where we explore our nervous systems in movement.

We develop creative practices for expanding personal and artistic awareness of embodied experiences through sensations.

Our inquiries are interdisciplinary, in the sense that nervous systems are very often extended by technological tools: a pair of glasses, a pen, a smartphone with internet, a software to obtain biometric data.

Our interdisciplinary researches and artistic productions thus question the confines of embodied and computational creativity.

These are organised in collaboration with an open group of independent artists, scientists, ensembles, and/or collectives at the REACh. Studio in Anderlecht (Brussels).

Through workshops, performative lectures and performances, we share and exchange our hybrid output mixing virtual and live improvised and prepared materials; artistic media situated on the triple point of dance/choreography, music/sound composition and visual design/digital arts.


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