Klaas freek Devos //

Klaas Devos (Be. 1985°) is a freelance choreographer and researcher exploring the intimate poetry of knowing and thinking bodies and the aesthetics of the (mis)understandings between them. He graduated at the Royal Conservatory (HID), a dance practice study he backed up with a master in arts theory (UAntwerp), focusing in his thesis on modern dance epistemology. This fascination for dance practices as a way of thinking and making sense has guided him throughout his post-gradual performance and dance researches (P.A.R.T.S., a.pass). The aesthetics of his interdisciplinary practice experiments with forms that can stimulate cracks in the traditional dichotomy between practice and theory. Today, Devos’ research focuses on generative scores and dialogues with contemporary music, electronic and digital arts, and neuroscience. The researches and performances are organized in collaboration with the undisciplined collective ’Barely Imaginable Beings.’

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