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July 21 - 23, 2023 // LACE #1: Topographies of Touch
Symposium For Dance and Other Contemporary Practices hosted by Impulstanz Festival, Vienna. In a performative lecture, Devos presents S0M_AI, an artificial dance intelligence he creates with Reach & Collabs.

August 23 - 27, 2023 // CARPA8: Dramaturgies for Artistic Research
Conference dedicated to research in performing arts hosted by University of the Arts (UniArts) and Theatre AcademyHelsinki. In a performative lecture, Devos presents S0M_AI, an artificial dance intelligence he creates with Reach & Collabs.

18-20 October, 2023 // Articulate #23
Open rehearsal and presentation of New Organs on festival for Practice-based Artistic Research hosted by Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.

29-30 November, 2023 // Reach and Collabs. & LWT3, labo. sessions #3
Experimental practices focussing on biometric choreography and interactive dance installation in the laboratory of engineering start-up LWT3, in Milan

01-02 December, 2023 // New Organs (workshops and performance) in Teatro dei 99, Aquila
Workshops, open rehearsal and performance of New Organs on La Nuove Frontiere Festival hosted by Teatro dei 99 and Conservatorio de Aquila.

15 December, 2023 // New Organs on ICTDM (international council for traditions of music and dance, Namur.
Lecture performance: MetaPhase & New Organs: digital creations in music and dance, by Giussy Caruso and Klaas Devos for ICTDM, Namur.

6-7 April, 2024 // Itinerart, Open Weekend @ Reach Studio
Reach opens its big blue gates and invite a wider public and network to come and visit our space. During this annual festive weekend we present artists we hosted last year in an exposition, performances, workshops, and share experiences over a drink in our sound-garden.

15-16 April, 2024 // Convergence 3
Seminar on (Re)construction in Interdisciplinary Artistic Practices initiated by Umut Eldem, Chiara Percivati, Giusy Caruso and Klaas Devos, hosted by School of Arts Royal Conservatoire and University of Antwerp.

23-26 April, 2024 // New Organs on COfOD (Nordic Forum for Dance Research), Oslo
Lecture performance: New Organs: S0MAi and Wings, by Klaas Devos for UniArts COfOD, Oslo.

Last month, we hosted #DaantoEarth, who organised discussion groups for Rethinking Brussels Nightlife. While Devos is preparing SOM.AI in the dance studio, we invite photographer #Stannycarre in our archives and later this Spring also #lianes_studio comes to explore ritualistic action-painting in our atelier.

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