Choreography and Dance
20.10.17 - 10.11.17 // Almosteverythinghappenstwice
In co-creation with Polish-Japanese composer Nina Fukuoka the research and its multi-medial performance gets a new version made in collaboration with a Cuban choreographer and composer and a full Cuban cast. Creation supported and hosted by Laboratoria Ibsen, Havana, Cuba.

2017 - 2018 // Embodied Cognition in Postdance

November 1-5 // Almosteverythinghappenstwice
Co-creation with Polish-Japanese composer Nina Fukuoka on dealing with insecure relations that exist in informal environments. Espacios Ibsen Festival, Havana.

02.10.17 - 06.10.11 // Intervention for composition
A one week workshop in Art Center Vooruit Ghent, for the graduate students of the Performing Arts School MUDA focussing on the creation process and composition of a dance solo.

August 3 - August 20 // Assessor for the Total Theatre Awards on Fringe Festival Edinburgh
In context of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – the world’s largest open access arts festival – Klaas fD was selected by the Flanders Arts Institute (Kunstenpunt) to represent the Flanders Government assessing as part of the jury process for the Total Theatre Award.