R.E.A.Ch. & Collabs.
Autumn 2020 // Start of the Phd. research project.
"Thinking Bodies in Dance. A Somatic R.E.A.Ch.
(research in electronic and algorithmic choreography)."
at the Royal Conservatoire and the University of Antwerp.

Febr. 15, 2020 // Docu-video Thinking Bodies in Dance. An introduction.

Winter 2021// Audioseries Nervous Systems
An audio-series that shares the reflections and interviews made in context of the R.E.A.Ch. project, and alternates these with visualization and improvisation exercises in somatic practices.

April 06-16// "R.E.A.Ch. Laboratory #1"
Intensive in the R.E.A.Ch. studios in collaboration with Maarten Buyl (live-electronics), Quentin Meurisse (live-electronics, piano), and Justine Debaene (graphic design).

Winter 2021 // Dance research in spite of Nervous Systems
Article in: Choreography as Conditioning 5.

Winter 2021 // Review of "The Choreopolitics of Alain Platel’s les ballets C de la B" by Christel Stalpaert, Guy Cools and Hildegard De Vuyst (ed.) for the European Journal of Theatre and Performance.
Choreography & Dance improvisation
20 April, 2021 // "R.E.A.Ch. #1" (performance lecture)
In collaboration with Maarten Buyl, Quentin Meurisse and Justine Debaene.
Hosted by Kunstencampus De Singel, Antwerp.

Workshops & Exchanging practices
Febr. 10 - 11 // Next Doors at Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.
Workshop Nervous Systems for students Ma in dance.

April 27 April - May 18 // Workshop series "Nervous Systems"
Somatic dance and technology, for the students Ba. in dance at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.

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