>> Performances installations & Dance lectures
Oct. 18 //NS v.3 (nervous systems version 3)
15h00 till 16h00 at Articulate #22. Arts and Research Festival.Curated by Andrew Claes, hosted by deSingel, Antwerp.

Oct. 19 //Lecture Thinking Bodies in Dance. A somatic REACh.
14h00 till 15h00 at Articulate #22. Arts and Research Festival hosted by deSingel, Antwerp.

>> Workshops & Exchanges
Oct. 21 // Workshop REACh.Workshop A Somatic REACh.
in collaboration with the students of the BA and MA dance dep. of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.

April 21-22, 2023 // Convergence 2
Klaas Devos/REACh. co-organises and -curates Convergence 2, an arts and research event dedicated to technological and somatic perspectives on interdisciplinary artistic practices, at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Find our open call via this link.

>> REACh. Studio/Atelier
Open every Friday or contact via this email link

>> Publications
'Integrating computational creativity in somatic-based dance improvisation: a practice-based research expanding the performance of embodied and prosaic reflection in dance' for FORUM+ (Spring 2023)

>> Residencies and Collaborations
Nov 19-23 // research collaboration with LWT3 Milano
Researching smart suits and integrating biometric data in improvised dance in NSv_3 (nervous systems versions 3).
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